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Camp Hollywood Auction

You are bidding on a unique and rare item! Camp Hollywood carpet from circa 2010. All proceeds will benefit the LASDP in its mission to continue to promote and preserve the history of Swing dancing.

To bid on an item, please use the comment section below. As moderators will be checking and updating the auctions throughout the day.

To place a bid, please provide the item number and your bid amount.

You may "log in" to comment through your Facebook or Google account. Or you can chose the "Guest" option.


The auction will be held during certain hours of Camp Hollywood.


The hours of bidding will go as follows:


Saturday 9/5:



Sunday 9/6:

Auction 7: 10am-5pm (3 items)

Auction 8: 6pm-10am, Monday (4 items, final auction of the weekend)



The WINNER of each auctioned item will receive an email notifying them by Monday afternoon before the end of Camp Hollywood. This will entail the price and how to pay for your item. 

Step 1: Register

Please register for auction here

Thanks for submitting!

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Auction 8:

6pm- 10am!


Step 2: Place your bids!

  • Please use the name you registered with above.

  • Place item # and bid in the comment box below.

Thank you and happy bidding!

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